Let's Go 1-2-3 is a registered 501(c)3 and operates as the nonprofit arm of Let's Go Outdoors. All programming of Let's Go 1-2-3 is FREE and aims to take away costs associated with fees, materials, equipment, or other barrier that might prevent people from participation in outdoor experiences.


Let’s Go 1-2-3’s vision is to increase knowledge and accessibility to outdoor experiences for marginalized groups, with a reach expanding state-wide and beyond. We want to create a natural progression from participant, to user, to conserver/steward for as many families, youth, and adults as we can.

Our Mission

Let's Go 1-2-3's mission is to Alleviate Barriers to Outdoor Experiences. We use a 3-step model taking participants from an initial theme-based lesson, moving to an outdoor program, with the third step being a stewardship, conservation, or recreation activity going beyond their learned knowledge.

Our Services

Let's Go 1-2-3's model includes 3 progressive steps. We also have ways to engage beyond the 1-2-3 experience.

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Deandra Witt

Our Board Members

Rachel Brown

Gary Paprocki



Pat Edouard

Rachel Tadlock

Donna Jenkins-Fakolujo

Naomi Spearman

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Step 1 - Indoor/Outdoor Lesson

This introductory step focuses on first time participants and starts the journey for an outdoor recreation or environmental education opportunity. For those with experience, it serves as a refresher or new way to engage. Let's' Go 1-2-3's fun team comes to provide a hands-on, initial step activity that eases people into a relationship with the outdoors/environment. Possibilities include, DIY, STEAM, Sensory Exploration.

Step 2 - Outdoor/Local Activity

Progressing to a formal outdoors activity, Let's Go 1-2-3's second step is an activity that takes place at (or nearby) their initial, Step 1, location. Step 2 is a way to introduce people to options such as; Birding, Geocaching, Nature Walks, Sketching/Journaling, Gardening and More... This is the start of a more formal connection to one of their local outdoor or green spaces.

Step 3 - Trip/Excursion

The 3rd step is the "trip/excursion" (aka field experience) step that introduces Let's Go 1-2-3 participants to a park, environmental center, or recreation site for an in-depth and immersive opportunity. Participants find this to be the most exciting part of the learning journey, with opportunities such as; rock climbing, kayaking/canoeing, archery, hiking, camping, and others.

After 1, 2, & 3 - Take Action and/or Donate

After completing this 3-Step Model without barriers to the outdoor experiences, participants are challenged to take a "next step" or complete an "action" item that gives back, improves our outdoor spaces, or leads to civic engagement related to an environmental issue. We invite you to click on the images above or links below to:

Let's Go 1-2-3 Funders, Supporters, Collaborators

Environmental Center